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Aviary Xaman-ha

The Xaman-ha Sanctuary was founded in 1993, its meaning is “North Water”, this bird sanctuary is a natural refuge created in order to preserve and show to the world the wonderful species that inhabit the region.

It will give you the opportunity to meet the exotic birds of the region such as flamingos, pelicans, ducks, macaws and parrots, as well as endangered species such as the Yucatecan parrot, the Yucatan magpie and the turkey, which have found their home in this beautiful place. You will also know the variety of plants found in the Mexican southeast. Here more than 45 species of birds are protected, which fly and are cared for in their natural environment. In your tour of this aviary you can take pictures of the birds in freedom, as well as the small mammals that inhabit these fresh landscapes.

The aviary is surrounded by abundant vegetation which makes it a true natural paradise, and you can see some turtles, as well as small mammals that live in the area, as well as many species of plants that grow in this aviary.

45 species are reproduced, which can sing and fly in complete freedom, and being accustomed to tourism visits there will be no problem in having close contact with them.

Among the services you can find the aviary, tours, guided tours, souvenir shops and parking.

Enjoy this wonderful place admiring the variety of birds and exotic plants of the place, and meet butterflies, iguanas and small mammals that live there.

Aviary is located on Paseo Xaman-Ha, Block 13-A Lot 1, Fracc. Playacar, Playa del Carmen.