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Circo Kombi

It is about two guys from Argentina Alejandra Pacin y Franco Bonifacio both pedagogy teaching and Circus Artist, they have taken Teather workshops and also they are part of a group that teachers in Cirque du Solei and now they are in Playa del Carmen.

They have been traveling around Latin America since 2011, this project begins with the ideology to encourage a Culture Process of different communities in Latin America bringing art to all kids and creating a best world for them, wich actually it is their right.

The project name is “Culture For Everyone” and the name show is “A Dream Rolling”
where they show all kind of feelings and emotions , as a tool for social transformation and learning.

This show has been presented in different places like schools and the Cultural Center of Playa del Carmen.

This is the kind of experiences that families look forward to have when buying a second home in Playa del Carmen through PDC4U Real Estate, so if you heard about it definitely you have to go and have a good time laughing like a child! 


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