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La memorable Food and Drinks Market!


This market has many options for you if you are looking for good atmosphere, delicious food and Mexican products. La memorable is a colorful place but it is not like traditional markets, they have a new concept mixed by traditions and todays lifestyle.

In the entrance:

On the Left there is a place famous for have artisanal beer, it name is Gonzales and they have around 21 different bottled beers and about 17 on top. All the beers here are Mexican so definitely you have to try at least one before leave Mexico!

Next Gonzales there is a Restaurant Called Oye Cariño! Who offers fresh fish and seafood, you can choose your meal by the menu or make your own. They open 8:00 am and close 10:00 pm

Then on the right there is a Mezcal store that offers traditional mescal and flavors mescal like orange, mango, strawberry among others.

Enjoy your fruits Mezcal!

In the middle there is La Panaderia, which it is very popular in Playa del Carmen! They offer breakfast like eggs or fruit with natural juices or coffee. Do not miss a good breakfast in Riviera Maya!

Then is The Ensenada wine bar who offer only Mexican wines. Everyday there are more peopple who support Mexican wines, you can be one of them, try it!

Behind the truck for Fuits Water for take a deep breathe and refreshing yourself.

In the back there is Taco Taco who is a traditional Mexican taqueria where you can get all kinds of tacos.

Finally there is a very nice bar La Memorable when you can enjoy a good cocktails and have fun.


We invite you to this Market located in 1st Avenue Between 24th street and 26th Street it is behind of the Gand Hyaat and just in front of PDC4U Real Estate Agency

Visit us!


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