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Los Aguachiles

If you like seafood and want some authentic Mexican cuisine, then Los Aguachiles is a must-visit. The serve Mexican food made by and for Mexicans, in the center of Playa del Carmen but away from the most famous streets. The menu is mostly soft-shell tacos and tostadas, with a swarm of salsas at your table to top them off. They even have “Figurines” for those wanting something healthier, with fresh seafood wrapped in lettuce leaves.

Aguachiles is one of the best kept secrets in Playa. There are two different locations in Playa and both serve the same amazing seafood tacos. There’s one Aguachiles on Avenida Constituyentes Between 1st and 5th Avenue and there’s another location on the corner of 34th Street and 25th Avenue.

*Affordable price and delicious food!!!

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